Why Buttigieg Dropped Out | FiveThirtyEight

Mar. 1, 2020, at 8:22 PM .post-info .has-bugs Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images .single-featured-image Pete Buttigieg pulled off a surprisingly successful presidential run. The 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, the fourth-largest city in Indiana, was unable to win the race for chair of the Democratic National Committee three years ago. In the […]


M.M. LaFleur, Universal Standard dress women candidates free – Chicago Tribune

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose wardrobe and appearance have been very scrutinized, praised M.M. LaFleur’s offer to give free clothing to female candidates. “When I was running for office (even now!), accessing clothing for the job was a challenge both logistically and financially,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Instagram. “As a candidate, a large part of asking people […]

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Elizabeth Warren’s Allies Claim ‘Erasure’ As They Seek To Reignite Campaign

Ms. Warren’s campaign and her allies, convinced her message is being ignored, see a path forward — and they say writing her off would be a mistake. Senator Elizabeth Warren speaking at an event in Henderson, Nev., on Monday. Her staff members, surrogates and supporters believe she is being ignored during a pivotal moment in […]


On Politics: Bloomberg Under the Microscope

Feb. 17, 2020, 9:30 a.m. ET Where things stand in the race With momentum comes resistance: It’s a lesson Michael Bloomberg is learning the hard way as he rises in the polls. His record is a complicated thing, because he not only governed New York City for three terms (first as a Republican, then as […]

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Bolton Hints at Further Revelations if He Overcomes White House ‘Censorship’

In his first public appearance since the impeachment trial, the president’s former national security adviser said he was fighting efforts to suppress his unpublished book. John R. Bolton repeatedly ducked questions related to Ukraine or impeachment during an appearance at Duke University on Monday.Credit…Logan Cyrus/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images DURHAM, N.C. — John R. Bolton, […]


Biden, Klobuchar hit Bloomberg’s record ahead of Nevada debate

LAS VEGAS — Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota took aim Sunday at former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg ahead of this week’s Democratic presidential debate. Bloomberg hasn’t yet qualified for Wednesday’s NBC News and MSNBC debate in Las Vegas, but he has through Tuesday to meet the party’s criteria. […]

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Why there aren’t more polls about the Nevada caucuses – Vox

Nevada is hard to poll, and new caucus rules are only making it harder. With less than one week to go until the Nevada caucuses, it’s not clear whether any of the eight remaining Democratic presidential candidates has a distinct advantage in the state, because Nevada — referred to as “the stepchild among the first […]

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Ads in Spanish, Obama Cameos: The Democratic Ad Race in Nevada and South Carolina

The battle for momentum in the two states could prove pivotal. Here’s how the candidates are making their pitches. Clockwise from top left: Four ads featuring Barack Obama, from Joseph R. Biden Jr., Elizabeth Warren, Michael R. Bloomberg and Tom Steyer. In South Carolina, four presidential candidates are running ads featuring praise from former President […]

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How the GOP is Planting Disinformation in Ohio to Undermine Democrats

Ohio Republicans just showed that the Trump activity in Ukraine—demanding an investigation into an opponent—is a key part of their disinformation playbook. All of us need to learn from this, including the media, who are too easily duped into the tactic. Let’s start with the Democratic candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 14th. Hillary O’Connor Mueri […]