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State Legislature Spotlight: Kentucky

How many houses are there in the state legislature?


How many legislators are in each house?

38 Senators, 100 House Reps

How long has the state government been blue or red?

2004 State became primarily Republican

When does the legislature sit?

January through April 15th every other year with 60 days maximum. January through March 30th odd years up to 30 days max.  Governor can call special sessions.

How long is a term? Are there term limits? If so, what are they?

House, 2-year term all elected at once. Senate, 4-year term, elections every other year.

How many votes does it take to override the governor’s veto?

Simple majority

What areas do state representatives focus on most?

Presently the state pension fund, and education.

What are the legislators paid in each house?

All are paid $188.22 per day plus per diem.

Are legislators legally obliged to disclose other interests and paid work, and/or put assets into a blind trust?

Must disclose and recuse from possible conflicts. Blind trust not mandatory.

What % of the total population (voters and non-voters) elected the representatives in each house?

48% but usually in the 30’s

How can people register to vote in your state?

Online at, at the County Clerk’s office, or by mail.

How can voters find the nearest polling place in your state?

Call County clerk or visit

How can voters identify and contact their state representative(s)?

Tell us a fun fact!

In 1899 there was a murder on the capitol grounds. After an election that was too close to call, the legislature met to decide the winner.  On his way into the building, the democratic candidate, William Goeble, was shot and killed. The murderer shot him from a nearby office. Armed citizens, and soldiers gathered ready to fight. But tempers were calmed, and conflict was averted.

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