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Detroit police officer charged with felonies in shooting of journalists

A Detroit police corporal was charged Monday for allegedly shooting three photojournalists with rubber bullets during a protest in response to the death of George Floyd in late May, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office said.  Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy charged the officer, Daniel Debono, with three felonies for the “unprovoked” shooting. Debono, 32, is facing a maximum […]

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Trump White House goes 300+ days without a press briefing – why that’s unprecedented

Journalists learn to adapt to current conditions, be they storms or tantrums, vagaries of nature or whims of officials. White House correspondents these days should be well past their withdrawal symptoms from the daily delirium of the once-regular White House press briefing. Earlier this year, as 300 days passed without a formal briefing, a bipartisan […]